Feline Wisdom: What Cats Can Teach Us About Life

Feline Wisdom: What Cats Can Teach Us About Life

06/10/2017 by Bev James

From love and companionship to daily amusement, with all the joy they provide it shouldn’t be any surprise that there are 8 million pet cats in the UK. Whether you’re a cat person or not, it can’t be denied that felines live life well – and that isn’t just because we spoil them. Cats possess numerous traits that many of us aspire to have: they’re blissfully relaxed, quietly confident, and fiercely independent. What’s more, they never go a day without some form of enjoyment.

If you’ve ever observed a cat, even for a short time, then you’ve probably witnessed these traits. But what lessons can we take from them?

Always rest

The average cat will spend around 16 hours per day sleeping, and kittens even more so. Cats know they need this rest, and will never compromise on it. As humans, many of us don’t get enough quality sleep, and rather than try to change that, we simply grin and bear it. Be like a cat, and make sleep a top priority.

Take time to pamper yourself

Felines are masters of guilt-free indulgence, and will quite happily relax in the sunshine grooming themselves and watching the world go by. It’s important for people to take time out too. Give yourself time every day to adequately unwind and decompress – and never feel guilty about it, or feel like you’re wasting time. That isn’t the feline way.

Be curious and adventurous

If you’re a cat owner, you’ll know that as soon as you put something ‘new’ down, a furry face is soon on the scene to investigate it. Cats are endlessly curious and adventurous, approaching everything new within their worlds with an optimistic fascination. We should be the same way, keeping an open mind to all the new things, people, and experiences we encounter.

Judge before you jump

Watch a cat before it leaps up on to a fence. Even if it’s just for a moment or two, the cat pauses to calculate the height and distance, before jumping with absolute confidence. In life it’s important that we take stock of things before jumping into them. That’s not to say we should be overly cautious or hesitant, but standing back and thinking carefully and precisely about what we’re about to do is always beneficial.

But… know when to pounce

Cats are phenomenal predators, and pouncing is among their most impressive abilities. From a very young age they begin to hone their skills, until they can pounce on things with lightening speed and pinpoint accurately, at precisely the right moment. Sometimes in life we encounter opportunities that we instinctively know are too good to pass up – and like a cat, we need to pounce on them without hesitation. When you don’t there’s every chance these opportunities will pass you by – or someone else will pounce on them instead.

Stay young and playful

Even the oldest, laziest cats can still find time to play and have fun, and the same should go for humans. Whatever your age, engaging in things that keep your mind active and entertained, no matter how silly, can help you maintain that youthful, zestful spark.

Live in the moment

What do cats worry about? That they’re being too lazy? That they might hurt themselves when jumping? That they haven’t achieved as much as next door’s cat? Nope. Cats just are. They live in the moment, ensuring their needs are met and they’re happy. While a human life does require planning and thinking about others, we can still follow our feline friends and live in the moment a bit more. Enjoy things for what they are, and don’t worry about the small things that don’t require your immediate attention.

It’s a Cat’s Life

Cats were worshipped by the ancient Egyptians, and most owners will tell you that they’ve never quite forgotten that. However, when you look past the occasional diva-like behaviour of our feline friends, you’ll see that they’re really just about living a good, simple life, and appreciating the small things. In today’s world of rushing, stress, materialism and superficial woes, that’s a lifestyle we should all try to follow a bit more.

There’s a lot we can learn from cats – and if you look into their eyes, it’s almost like they know it.

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