Having worked with many high-profile organisations and individuals - mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs to millionaire status - Bev now has a high profile client list of Athletes, Actors and Entrepreneurs.

Bev regularly features in the press and is the Director of Mentoring for Start-Up Loans - a government funded scheme that funds and mentors young entrepreneurs.

Bev only works with a handful of highly motivated people at any one time so she can give maximum benefit and value. To enquire about availability and suitability please complete the enquiry form by clicking the button below.

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Colin Stevens. Multi award winning Founder and CEO of Better Bathrooms

Over the last 3 years Better Bathrooms has gone through a massive expansion. Staffing levels have increased by 300%, turnover has grown by 500% with more sites planned.

We are on target to hit £100million annual turnover in the next 2 years.

"Bev is brilliant; she helped me understand the people side of my business and has made a positive contribution to my development as a leader."

Colin says : Bev is brilliant; she helped me understand the people side of business and has made a positive contribution in my development as a business leader, coach and a mentor to all I work with at Better Bathrooms.

The front line of any business has a direct impact on the bottom line. Bev has helped me understand what makes people really tick and as a result of this, I now have a heightened awareness of how to motivate, manage and position my people within the business to get the best out of them and help them grow and develop within their roles.

My business has grown from 3 sites to 7 with more in the pipeline and with this development, my team has also grown from 80 to more than 330.

Bev has also helped me understand myself, raising my self-awareness and how I can positively impact the people element. This has not only helped my business but has also helped me on a personal level in my quest to become the best version of myself that I can possibly be.

Working with Bev has elevated my performance as a leader and has also enabled me to mentor the teams and the leaders that report to me.

Bev has introduced me to some fabulous business leaders who I've been able to learn from, gaining the information I required to grow my business from £10 million to a projected £60 million... so far and we are on target to achieve £100 million annual turnover within the next 2 years.

Bev says : Colin is one of the most impressive entrepreneurs I have ever met.

He set an ambitious 5 year goal when I met him and I was never in any doubt that he would achieve it.

Colin's commitment to his own development and the coaching, training and development of his team has been incredible. Colin doesn't do anything by half measures, he works hard and gets brilliant results.

As Colin's business has grown so has his ability to lead his team. Better Bathrooms excels in customer service because he takes the time to ensure his team know the 'BetterWay' and they live the company's values every day.

Fast growth can only be successfully achieved when CEO's have Colin's vision, insight and strategic planning in place. Colin has ensured that he and his team have all the tools they need to succeed and enjoy the process.

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Joe Wicks, online fitness coach, Instagram sensation, amassing thousands of devoted followers who want to #Leanin15

"Bev taught me about 'earning while I sleep', I've gone from earning £5k per month as a PT to £90K per month online."

Joe says : Without doubt meeting Bev has been the most pivotal and influential factor in my career. Bev turned me from a young guy with enthusiasm and ideas into a businessman with a strategy and a clear vision for my future.

Bev said to me on day one, "Joe you will be star and you will have your own cook book and TV show". No one had ever had that level of confidence in me before. Since I first met Bev 3 years ago, I have gone from being a personal trainer earning 5k a month, while working my ass off and running around a park for 7 hours a day; to running a successful online fitness company with a turnover of 90k a month and increasing. Bev installed a new set of beliefs in me which made me set my goals way higher than I ever would have done alone.

Bev taught me about "earning while I sleep" and working smarter not harder. These simple moments of clarity really made me see the bigger picture. Every time we meet I leave feeling excited and motivated because I know exactly what I need to do to achieve my goal. Bev has taught me to how prioritise, and take action to succeed. Mentoring for me is like being guided by a best friend, because a good mentor will always want you to succeed and make sure you take the safest route to your destination, protecting you from any bad decisions or business nightmares.

Although I have always been a grafter I truly believe Bev has accelerated my business success by years because she has focussed my energies and skills into all the right places and taught me how to be a winner!

P.S. I have just signed my first book deal! And numerous TV offers are also coming in.

Bev says : I knew within a few meetings that Joe was destined for great things.

He is so passionate about helping people succeed with healthy weight loss, it truly is infectious as his social media accounts prove.

I have always seen Joe as the Jamie Oliver of the fitness world. He's got a winning personality and fantastic healthy recipes which he can conjure up in 15 minutes or less.

Joe has proved himself to be a credible and talented entrepreneur who is building an online empire by helping others to achieve their health and fitness goals. Although Joe has already achieved amazing success I feel this is just the tip of the iceberg before he becomes a household name and helps the world become healthier and happier as a result.

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Ben Hunt Davis MBE, Olympic Rowing Gold Medalist, Author, Speaker, Performance Consultant

"My business has continued to double in size year on year."

Ben says : Bev has been mentoring me for 3 years. In that time I have started a new business. We had a good first year and in our second year we will double in size and I think that the work we have been doing will enable us to double again next year. Bev has been incredibly generous with her time and advice. We both work in a similar industry but her openness and willingness to help me has been fantastic. Bev has asked me difficult questions, held me to account and given me great advice. I can't thank her enough.

Bev says : It's been an absolute privilege working with Ben, I love and highly recommend his book 'Will it Make the Boat go faster' Ben applies the lessons from his Olympic success to his talks and training which are massively inspirational and motivational. His teachings are highly effective in the corporate and personal world. Ben helps people to make adjustments in their life that take them to the next level of success and beyond.

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Dame Kelly Holmes MBE (Mil), Double Olympic Champion, Business Woman

"Bev James ignites passion and self belief. Her approach is world class."

Kelly says : Mentoring is undoubtedly one of the most satisfying and rewarding ways to guide and support those that want to learn and develop.

Bev James takes this to another level, she encapsulates the words personal development, igniting the passion and self belief in all those she coaches and guides. Bev's passion for coaching and mentoring is undeniable and her approach is world class.

Bev says : People know Kelly as an extraordinary athlete; I have had the privilege to know her as an incredible business woman. She takes the drive, focus and determination from her sporting days into the board room and I firmly believe that Kelly will have similar level of success in the world of business.

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James Caan, Founder of Hamilton Bradshaw, former panelist of the popular BBC TV show Dragons' Den

"If you are one of the lucky few to have her as your business mentor you are fortunate indeed."

James says : Bev James is an experienced businesswoman and credible Mentor and if you are one of the lucky few to have her as your business mentor you are fortunate indeed.

Bev has the ability to identify potential and maximise it, helping people get the best out of themselves and their business. Her vast experience, shoot from the hip style and Do it! approach will help you to get things done, it's as simple as that.

Bev and I have worked together on various projects since November 2009. She brings a wealth of business knowledge to our joint ventures, coupled with immense business coaching expertise and people management skills. When I was approached by Lord Young to chair the Start-Up Loans initiative, I wanted Bev on board too, as she the best person in her field to lead the mentoring programme and ensure its effectiveness. Bev was appointed as Director of Mentoring for Start up loans and had helped shape the mentoring programme from day one to ensure our loan recipients get the essential support they need when setting up a new business.

Since our launch in September 2012 I'm proud to say that to date Start up Loans has loaned over £100m to help over 20,000 people start their own business.

Bev's expertise, passion for enterprise, and her ability to identify with the needs of small business owners has been invaluable.

Bev says : The more I work with James on various projects the more I respect him and understand why he has been such an amazing success in business.

James surrounds himself with good people and inspires them to strive for the same level of success. His drive, passion and business acumen are phenomenal.

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Jamie Breese, TV Broadcaster and Entrepreneur

"Bev is evangelical in her belief of affecting change through tested concepts and strategies."

Jamie says : Bev delivers results.

I was introduced to her via a mutual friend over a year ago. Her reputation precedes her and it's one that is wholly deserved. In relaxed, informal meetings she's shared powerful insights and great stories that can only serve to inspire and enthuse you to push harder. She's a trusted leader, successful businessperson, inspiring speaker, devoted to her relationships and evangelical in her belief of affecting change through tested concepts and strategies. I was speaking of her only today to a business associate who met her at a function we all attended recently and I shared all of the above and with great pride: when Bev's name comes up, it's said with great affection and respect in equal measure.

Bev says : Jamie is an incredible connector of people. He is the founder of 'Only Connect' - one of the largest networking events in the UK.

In 2013, Jamie launched The Business South West Exhibition, which received fantastic feedback from delegates and exhibitors alike.

Whatever project Jamie puts his mind to, gets 100% of his focus and energy which ensures success and delivers high value to the end user.

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Hilary Steel, Editor of Kent Women in Business

"I'm now nine months ahead of what was already an ambitious timeframe."

Hilary says : Bev has been an invaluable mentor; guiding me to a point in the development of my business where I can happily say I am now nine months ahead of what was already an ambitious timeframe. A trusted sounding board, adviser and collaborator, Bev has helped me to clarify the direction in which the company will continue to grow. Drawing on her own vast business knowledge and experience she is a fundamental part of both my professional and personal development.

Bev says : Seeing Hilary's first magazine was like being present at the birth of something very special.

Kent Women in Business continues to go from strength to strength and has massive national potential.

Hilary is on her way to being a published author and is already a sought after public speaker.

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Toby Garbett, Olympian and two-time World Champion Rower, Personal Trainer and Motivational Speaker

"My business has gone from strength to strength."

Toby says : Bev's Do It! or Ditch approach to mentoring has helped me streamline and focus my business effort in the right areas to help my business go from strength to strength.

Her warm and approachable manner makes her a great sounding board for any new business and she always has great ideas.

Bev says : Toby is an outstanding Personal Trainer and it has been a privilege to watch as his business has continued to grow each year.

Personal Training with Toby is fun and he is able to gauge just how far to push you to achieve results.

Toby offers far more than PT, he is a highly sought after motivational speaker and runs amazing fitness days and retreats.

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