Captain Sir Tom Moore

NHS Hero & War Veteran

We are proud to represent and support Captain Sir Tom and his literary legacy.

About Captain Sir Tom Moore

At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in early April, this ninety-nine-year-old Second World War Veteran Captain Tom Moore came up with a big idea: he'd walk laps of his garden to raise money for the NHS. Despite using a walking frame as well as having undergone recent treatment for cancer and a broken hip, he was determined to hit £1000 by his 100th birthday on 30th April.

By the time his 100th birthday telegram from the Queen arrived, he'd raised over thirty million pounds. His efforts were celebrated around the world. The Duke of Cambridge, hailed him as a "one-man fundraising machine," whilst Prince Harry described him as "utterly amazing".

Continuing his journey, Captain Tom is releasing two books this autumn; an autobiography and a children's picture book, both of which support the launch of his newly formed charity, 'The Captain Tom Foundation'.

'Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day', published September 17th 2020 by Michael Joseph, an imprint of Penguin Random House will look back at the life and times of a man who has captured the hearts of a nation.

Captain Tom's children's picture book is about adventure, helping people and never giving up. His inspirational book will look back fondly on the incredible achievement that gave Britain and the world a feel-good story at a time it needed it most. It will be published October 1st 2020 by Puffin, an imprint of Penguin Random House Children's.

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What's New?

October 2020

Congratulation to Sir Captain Tom Moore who now has two best selling books. His autobiography 'Tommorow will be a good Day' and his latest release and childrens book 'One hundred Steps' which entered the Amazon chart at number 5 in the overall Top 100.

September 2020

After publishing on the 17th September Captain Tom Is now a Amazon Best Selling Author with both his autobiography 'Tomorrow will be a Good Day' and his kids book 'One Hundred Steps'. Both books hit top ten on publication day on the Amazon Top 100 chart.

September 2020

Captain Tom is now officially the oldest author to have a Number 1 book within the UK with already over 20,000 copies sold. What an achievement!

August 2020

Captain Sir Tom Moore, who raised more than £32 million for the NHS in April, has shared his memories of wartime in a special ITV documentary - Captain Tom's War.

The ITV special 'The Life and Times of Captain Sir Tom' produced by North One reached an audience of 3 million.

July 2020

Captain Sir Tom Moore received a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle on Friday 17th July. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who made the nomination for the knighthood, wrote on Twitter: "Arise Sir Tom! So richly deserved - you have inspired the whole nation with your fantastic fundraising efforts."

April 2020

Captain Sir Tom Moore entered into our lives in an unprecedented and uncertain time of which we have never seen before. Over 30 million pounds later, Captain Tom is a household name and a national treasure.

Alongside Penguin Random House, Captain Tom is publishing a biography (September 2020) and children's book (October 2020) to add to his incredible fundraising achievements for the NHS.

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