Michael Maisey

From Prison to Purpose

Author of Young Offender and TEDx Speaker

About Michael

Michael Maisey has built a career on kindness and empathy. He knows that if these concepts are introduced to the workplace, they aid mental health and lead to a harmonious working environment. He is passionate about social responsibility in business and applauds all companies who embrace it.

Michael survived a turbulent and traumatic childhood that resulted in him joining a gang and eventually being imprisoned at sixteen. Reformed and humbled by the acts of kindness he experienced following his prison sentence, Michael set up a successful business in his home borough of London. His company was founded on the principles of honesty and integrity. Not only did he earn the respect of his clients and employees, but also built an incredibly successful business that is still operating today. As a result, he was honoured by the London Borough of Hounslow for his services to the community.

Twenty years after the armed robbery that changed his life, he is an accomplished TEDx speaker and also the founder of a nonprofit organisation, the CIP Project, which helps people with mental health, addiction, PTSD and childhood trauma. He has also written an autobiography, Young Offender, which Pan MacMillan published in 2019.

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