Owen O'Kane

Best-selling Author, Psychotherapist & Former NHS Clinical Lead

Owen O'Kane is a former NHS Clinical Lead for mental health in London and Sunday Times best-selling author of 'Ten To Zen', which is a quick and simple mental workout that allows us to focus on what's important - our mental wellbeing.

About Owen

On release, 'Ten To Zen' shot straight in at Number 3 on Amazon's Bestsellers, being beaten to the top 2 spots by Michelle Obama and Joe Wicks. His book has become celebrity-approved too, with Fearne Cotton, Judge Rinder, Eamonn Holmes, Ashley Banjo, Kelly Holmes, Joe Wicks, Saira Khan, Jack Monroe and many more praising the book.

Owen grew up in Northern Ireland during 'The Troubles,' which was the perfect training ground for understanding the anxious mind due to the conflict and fear that existed in the region. As a former palliative care nurse, Owen heard first-hand the biggest regrets people have on their death beds and as a result, learnt about the stresses and worries we shouldn't hold onto.

His time in the NHS has seen Owen use a multitude of techniques in helping people with mental health. He has a down to earth, engaging and "no fluff" approach and is passionate about helping people achieve calmer, happier lives. He'll leave audiences curious, positively challenged and eager to make changes in their lives.

Owen is a regular contributor to press, news and tv, working with Good Morning Britain, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC News, Sky News, ITV News, Guardian, Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Sun, MailOnline, BBC Radio London, GQ, Big Issue and Evening Standard... to name a few!

Now running his private practice in West London, Owen lives with his partner Mark and dog Will.


"The feedback we have gotten from the team is fantastic and I think it will have long reaching benefits. Owen's message has really resonated with everyone."

- U N I V E R S A L

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What's New?

March 2023

Psychotherapist Owen speaks with Dr. Rupy on the latest episode of The Doctor's Kitchen Podcast, 'How to reduce anxiety in 10 minutes'. Reducing anxiety and why we should view attending therapy as an act of courage are just a few of the thought-provoking topics discussed in this interview. Listen to this brilliant chat on your preferred podcast app now.

January 2023

Don’t forget to get tickets to see Owen O'Kane speak at High Performance live theatre show on 5th February

August 2022

Congratulations to Owen O'Kane for becoming a Sunday Times Bestseller again for his new book ‘How To Be Your Own Therapist’

August 2022

Sunday Times best seller Owen O'Kane appeared on Lorraine talking about his latest book ‘How To Be Your Own Therapist’

June 2022

The amazing Owen O'Kane recorded his episode with Fearne Cotton for her Happy Place podcast today, listen to the episode on the 27th of June!

May 2022

“If life is like music, make every note count” from Owen O'Kane at his Ted X Talk for Ted X Kingston

April 2022

Owen O'Kane will be speaking at the LOOP Summit employee wellbeing conference for the Well Bees app on 28th April

March 2022

We are delighted to announce Owen O'Kane latest book ‘How To Be Your Own Therapist’ to be published 23rd June is available to pre-order now!

May 2021

The new edition of ‘Ten Times Happier’ by Owen is published today! Featuring a brand new chapter to guide you back to life in a post-Covid world, find the resilience you never knew you had.

March 2021

Owen was on Sky News this morning talking about PPSD (Post Pandemic Stress Disorder) sharing his expertise and continuing to help people through the global pandemic - thank you Owen.

March 2021

Owen was a guest on BBC Morning Live today talking about his book ‘Ten Times Happier’ and PPSD (post pandemic stress disorder).

December 2020

Owen was a guest on the Speaking Business podcast hosted by Maria Franzoni and can be listened to via : https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/owen-okane-how-to-be-ten-times-happier/id1363005383?i=1000503162876

December 2020

Owen was a guest on the Holland & Barratt podcast The Wellness Edit - Episode 8 "How To Be Happy"

September 2020

Owen sat down to discuss mental health recently with Karl Henry on his podcast Real Health in conjunction with the Irish Independent.

April-June 2020

Throughout 'lockdown' and Covid-19, Owen offers his daily expertise, wisdom and support to help followers find some calm in difficult times. Each day he is filming and offering techniques and tools to help calm the mind and help those in need.

May 2020

Owen has also collaborated with Casper Lee and The Prince's Trust to form a 'campaign of hope', using #lookingforward on twitter to get people sharing what they are looking forward to getting back to after 'lockdown' ends. With a celebrity following of Russell Brand, Stephen Merchant, David Hasselhoff and KSI, Owen's campaign has captured the minds of the masses on social media.

May 2020

Owen released his second book 'Ten Times Happier' on 14th May 2020, which reveals how to choose new, healthier perspectives and ditch harmful patterns.

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