Bev James Management & Literary Agency

CEO Bev James

Bev James Management is a management agency that chooses to do things differently.

We endeavour to work with clients who have the ability and potential to do great things for others, people who are experts with a mission, people who have the drive and desire to succeed. We help them amplify their message through multimedia platforms, best-selling books, strategic partnerships and a range of online services and products.

At Bev James Management we herald the arrival of a new and unique breed of management.

We believe in taking a pro-active strategic approach by building and creating successful and sustainable businesses for our clients, using our unique expertise combined with our commercial acumen.

Our work helps our clients reach their purpose-driven goals that support their overall mission and values.

We work differently because they do.


  • Brand Partnerships
  • Events, Corporate Booking & Public Appearances
  • Business Development & Strategy
  • Literary
  • TV
  • Mentoring & Coaching
  • Digital Products
  • Marketing

Without doubt, meeting Bev has been the most pivotal and influential factor in my career. Bev turned me from a young guy with enthusiasm and ideas into a businessman with a strategy and a clear vision for my future.

Joe Wicks | The Body Coach

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