Anna Mathur

Psychotherapist, Author & Parenting Specialist

Psychotherapist (BACP accredited) and bestselling author Anna Mathur has a unique way with words, and she is not afraid to use them!

About Anna

Anna is passionate about taking therapy out of the therapy room and is widely celebrated for her accessible mental health advice and the light-bulb moments she offers across her platforms – including her Instagram page, incredibly popular podcast ‘The Therapy Edit’ and five-star rated online courses on Reframing Anxiety, People Pleasing and Self-Worth. Often told through her own experiences, Anna has an approach to mental health like no one else, whether it is providing advice on anxiety, feeling overwhelmed or encouraging self-worth.

Anna’s brilliant debut book Mind Over Mother: Every Mum’s Guide to Worry and Anxiety in the First Years went straight into the top 10 on The Sunday Times bestsellers list, and the first series of her podcast The Therapy Edit achieved over 80k downloads in its first seven weeks.

With an audience of over 146k+ on Instagram, Anna’s profile continues to rise as she regularly features in titles including the Telegraph, Grazia, Marie Claire, The Sun, Closer, Stylist, Mother and Baby, and has recently appeared on coveted podcasts from Emma Gannon and Deliciously Ella. Her authentic, energetic and uniquely upbeat approach to mental health has created a highly engaged audience and a perfect platform for carefully selected brand partnerships.

Whether it’s sharing implementable tips to a brand’s community, delivering a virtual ‘Sofa Session’ to a small team or conducting a webinar on ‘overwhelm’ to 1000 people, Anna is a passionate, warm and articulate communicator. She offers insight and techniques to address anxiety, stress and resilience, which can positively impact both staff personal wellbeing, and the wider dynamic of a team.

Anna has now released her latest book 'The Little Book of Calm for New Mums'.


"Anna led a brilliant event for our staff on managing anxiety and guilt, particularly in relation to parenting and work, at a time when it was very needed. Anna was wonderful to work with, very kind and empathetic, but also empowering. Our staff really appreciated the message around how things at the moment feel hard because they are hard. She also provided concrete tips for managing challenging situations, which staff found extremely helpful. Thank you for a fantastic session, we hope to work with you more as an organisation in the future." - UCL

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Anna. She is professional, knowledgeable, an expert in her field, easy to work with and came to the table with so many ideas. We look forward to working with Anna again in the future!" - Sweaty Betty

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What's New?

October 2023

Best selling author and psychotherapist, Anna Mathur was invited to host and chair a discussion at Cheltenham Festivals last weekend. Anna interviewed Dr Alex George and the pair delved into the important subjects from Alex’s book, including the small steps everyone can take towards positivity and the benefits to your mental health. Anna also hosted a book signing afterwards and was heartened to meet readers and followers while signing copies of new book ‘Raising a Happier Mother’. Pick up your copy now from all great book stores!

October 2023

Psychotherapist, podcaster and best- selling author, Anna Mathur was invited to the Spotify London offices last week to deliver a talk to their parents wellbeing group. Anna shared her insights on the topics covered in her new book ‘How to Raise a Happier Mother’. Anna explored themes including parental guilt, comparison, judgement, anxiety, overwhelm and exhaustion. Thank you to Spotify for welcoming Anna to speak to your teams and for the fantastic feedback. If you’re interested in booking Anna for a workshop in your company, please get in touch.

September 2023

Sunday Times Bestseller! Huge congratulations to Anna Mathur for reaching the #SundayTimesBestseller list and debuting at #4 with her new book ‘How to Raise a Happier Mother’! Pick up your copy now from all great book stores!

August 2023

HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY Anna Mathur! Out today; ‘Raising a Happier Mother: How to find balance, feel good, and see your children flourish as a result’ isn’t a parenting book or a guide to be the perfect parent. This book is about YOU, as a parent. Anna has used her experience as a psychotherapist and a mother to show that caring for our children begins with caring for ourselves. Far from being selfish, self-care is an essential quality of a happier mother good parent. The greatest gift you can give to to yourself and your children, is to give yourself permission to thrive. This is a book that every parent needs! Congratulations Anna!

August 2023

“Mothers need mothering. Parents need parenting. We all feel like kids sometimes”, psychotherapist and bestselling author Anna Mathur was on Dr Alex George’s podcast The Stomp Cast where she discussed therapy outside the therapy room and her amazing ‘Mum Ribbon Movement’, which has granted parents the freedom to ask what they need, without asking. Part 1 is available now, on all podcast platforms.

June 2023

Physcotherpist, Sunday Times bestseller and podcaster, Anna Mathur has a brand new book launching on the 31st August! 🙏🏼 Drawing from her work as a psychotherapist, alongside her own experiences as a mother, Anna knows that caring for our children begins with caring for ourselves. Anna says it's time to ‘replace exhaustion with empowerment’. The book will show you that it’s far from being selfish and that self-care is an essential quality of a happier mother and a good parent. Anna will explain how the greatest gift you can give to to yourself and your children, is to give yourself permission to thrive! You can pre-order Anna’s book now from Waterstones or Amazon.

May 2023

Physcotherapist, podcaster and mum of 3, Anna has teamed up with Skin + Me to show us her secret to keeping her skincare routine in place! Anna is an advocate for habit stacking and explains how you can use this technique to make life a lot easier. Anna has also added the latest launch from the brand to her daily routine, the Skin + Me Daily Defence SPF Suncream. To get yourself a free trial of the new SPF, head to Anna’s page for an exclusive discount code!

April 2023

Psychotherapist, Sunday Times bestseller and podcaster Anna Mathur has created the initiative ‘The Mum Ribbon Movement’. As a mother of three, Anna wanted to find a way for parents to support each other by creating a network with a symbol to say to others, “I am willing to help”. From this, Anna encouraged other parents to tie a ribbon to their bags to represent their willingness to help other parents and ‘The Mum Ribbon Movement’ was launched. It’s a way to signal to other parents that you are there for them; whether that’s having a spare nappy, a listening ear or even a hug. The response to Anna’s movement has been incredible on both social media and in the press. In Anna’s own words: “I truly believe that the ribbons can help cut through the awkwardness and uncertainty of approaching someone to offer support. Who knows what conversations and connections could occur?” To find out more about The Mum Ribbon Movement head to Anna's Instagram page.

March 2023

Congratulations Anna! We are delighted to announce Anna's latest book 'Raising a Happier Mother: how to find balance, feel good, and see your children flourish as a result' is now available to pre-order for publication on 31st August!

March 2023

Psychotherapist and mum of 3 Anna has partnered with Symprove to recommend her favourite ways to help boost happy hormones by nurturing our gut health.

March 2023

What makes you feel like you? Anna Mathur works with Fat Face on the #stillme campaign!

January 2023

Psychotherapist Anna Mathur uses Randox for an everywoman health check

September 2022

Watch psychotherapist Anna Mathur on Katie Pipers breakfast show on Sunday 8.30am

June 2022

Being a psychotherapist and parenting specialist Anna Mathur has partnered up with Meta portal so she is able to work on the go!

June 2022

Check out Anna Mathur on Channel 4 Stephs Packed Lunch today, discussing perfect parenting and her new book ‘The Little Book of Calm for New Mums’

May 2022

Happy Publication Day Anna Mathur ‘The Little Book of Calm for New Mums’ is out now

May 2022

Anna Mathur showing us the importance of a good skin routine by using Skin and Me

March 2022

We are delighted to announce Anna Mathur’s new book ‘The Little Book of Calm for New Mums’ out 26th of May, pre-order now!!

May 2021

We are excited to announce that Anna's new book "Know Your Worth" launched today and is available on Amazon and in all good bookshops! We are sure it will be another bestseller! Well done Anna!

April 2021

We are beyond excited to announce that our bestselling author Anna's second book ‘Know Your Worth’ is now available to pre-order now via Amazon! Well Done Anna!

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