Stuart Sandeman

Breathwork Expert and Founder of Breathpod

Stuart Sandeman is a breathing expert, judo black belt and peak performance coach. He delivers powerful coaching and breath sessions that break negative habits, beliefs and patterns to move individuals and groups into a state of learning, development, self-awareness and flow.

About Stuart

Stuart's life was transformed by breathwork after the loss of his girlfriend to cancer. He discovered that by following a connected pattern of breathing, his grief faded, his stress and anxiety diminished, and energy levels increased. He has made it his mission to share his methods with the world.

Stuart infuses breath science, neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, coaching, movement, sound and meditation. He creates a safe, energised learning environment that encourages interaction and active participation. His self-empowering breathing programs can be done by anyone of all ages, and abilities. He teaches tools that can be embedded into all schedules, he has a wealth of experience and has a dynamic approach to his sessions.

Stuart’s bespoke “Breath Means Business” corporate breathwork sessions are perfectly suited to working from home or the office, for any number of participants. These sessions can range in length, comprising of a short introduction, the main breathwork practice and audience Q&A. Recent clients include: Google, Nike, Lewis Capaldi, The Goop, Lululemon, YouTube, J.P.Morgan, Spotify, Adidas and Converse.


"An amazing workshop to my team on how to leverage our breath to affect our energy, mood, and stress levels both inside and outside the workplace. It was a real eye opening to understand both the science behind breath and how we can actually use our breath to get us through the day, whether we need an energy boost or a calming moment. We have already started putting the techniques to work in the office as a team! I would highly recommend."

- Google

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What's New?

April 2023

Stuart Sandeman returned to the Meta offices this week for another breathwork session with their fantastic and hardworking teams! The theme for this event was ‘Life Hacks’, where Stuart shared helpful tips and tricks with Meta's staff on how they can use their breath to bring focus, calm and energy into the working day.

March 2023

Stuart Sandeman has partnered with Nike on their 'Feel Your All' campaign. As part of this, Stuart hosted a 'Brain and Breath' workshop to share with Nike's members how breathwork and mindset combined can lead to positive shifts in your life.

March 2023

Breathwork expert Stuart Sandeman participated in a fascinating panel discussion last week for members of Bicester Village. Well done Stuart on delivering a brilliant session!

February 2023

Have you downloaded the Nike training app, to see Stuart's amazing breathwork tools, including this one about mouth taping!

February 2023

We are delighted to announce the launch of Nike NTC app where Stuart Sandeman shares breathing for better health, wellbeing and recovery. Go check it out!

November 2022

So great to see Stuart Sandeman at Meta today for the Instagram athlete summit

August 2022

Sunday Times Bestseller Stuart Sandeman was on This Morning discussing his book ‘Breathe In Breathe Out’

July 2022

Congratulations to Stuart Sandeman for being a Sunday Times Top 10 Bestseller for his debut book ‘Breathe In Breathe Out’

July 2022

Happy Publication Day Stuart!

July 2022

Join Stuart Sandeman's boost your performance Breathwork session for Nike!

May 2022

We are excited to reveal the cover for Stuart Sandeman debut book ‘Breathe In Breathe Out’ which will be published 21st of July! Pre-Order now!

April 2022

Congratulations to Stuart Sandeman on his fourth series of Decompression Sessions for BBC Radio 1, Listen now on BBC Sounds!

March 2022

Tune in to Stuart Sandeman hosting ‘The Chillest Show’ live on BBC Radio1 tonight 7pm - 9pm

March 2022

Join Stuart Sandeman this Thursday 6pm for a special breathwork session with Nike!

January 2022

BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT! we are delighted to announce Stuart Sandeman's debut book ‘Breathe In Breathe Out’ which will be published on 21st July!

December 2021

This amazing breathwork session with Stuart Sandeman at Adidas London!

February 2021

The first two mixes of @breathpod’s ‘Decompression Sessions’ are now live on @BBCsounds! Tune in for vibey music, breathwork and mindwork from Stuart to help you manage your mindset!

December 2020

Check out the wonderful Stuart @breathpod on @angelascanlon #thanksamillion podcast this week.

November 2020

For our Friday feeling with @breathpod taking centre stage with @goop!

April-December 2020

Stuart is working tirelessly to provide his followers with breathing techniques and workshops to calm the mind via live and recorded video, to support the nation through Covid-19.

IG LIVES DAILY | 20 MINS | 7:30AM | M-F and then WED 7PM UK | You can also register for Breathwork zoom sessions via his socials and website.

Stuart believes that breath is an extremely valuable tool to maintain good physical, mental and emotional health and will help navigate everyone smoothly through this challenging time.

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