Dr Rupy Aujla

Founder of The Doctor's Kitchen, Author & TV Presenter

Dr Rupy Aujla, MBBS,BSc, MRCGP, is an NHS GP working in Emergency Medicine, completing a masters in Nutritional Medicine and a fellow on the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme. He is the founder of ‘The Doctor’s Kitchen’, which strives to inspire and educate everybody about the beauty of food and medicinal effects of eating well.

About Dr Rupy

Creating healthy and delicious recipes using carefully selected ingredients, he explains the clinical research behind them and shares across his media platforms (Instagram, Podcast, website, YouTube, Facebook).

Dr Rupy is a Sunday Times bestselling author, with three cookbooks published by HarperCollins - “The Doctor’s Kitchen” and "Eat to Beat Illness" and the latest, 'Doctor's Kitchen 3-2-1', released in December 2020.

Dr Rupy often appears on TV shows such as This Morning, Saturday Kitchen and Steph's Packed Lunch and has been commissioned to work on two series for the BBC - both featured on BBC Food and BBC iPlayer - Cooking in The Doctor's Kitchen & Thrifty Cooking in The Doctor's Kitchen. In addition, he is an accomplished TEDx speaker.

He is also the founding director of Culinary Medicine, a non-profit organisation which aims to teach doctors and medical students the foundations of nutrition, as well as teaching them how to cook.


"I worked with Rupy when he spoke at the Recovery Summit, an online event in June 2020. Rupy is a pleasure to work with: we asked for time for a practice session beforehand, a great demand on his time as a practicing doctor but he gave of his time both then and during his session. In spite of his obvious intelligence and abilities, Rupy was friendly and approachable and very willing to do what he could to make his session as successful as possible. I would highly recommend him as a speaker for your event."

- Recovery Summit

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What's New?

June 2021

To celebrate 5 years of BOSH.TV Henry & Ian will be chatting Dr Rupy about healthy eating and the plant-based boom. Join them all here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/an-evening-with-bosh-and-the-doctors-kitchen-tickets-160017389319

May 2021

Tune in to Channel 4 tonight to catch the first episode of ‘Cook Clever Waste Less’ with Dr Rupy and Prue Leith at 8:30pm - we can’t wait!

March 2021

We are beyond thrilled to announces that Dr Rupy @doctors_kitchen is hosting @channel4 Cook Clever, Waste Less with @prueleith coming to our TV’s this summer. The show will help create delicious food that will not only save the family’s money but also help them be left with less waste.

March 2021

Dr Rupy was on ITV's This Morning cooking recipes from his "Easy 3-2-1" book - yummy!

March 2021

Dr Rupy was on ITV sharing his expertise and discussing ‘How to age well’.

October 2020

Congratulation to Dr Rupy who has revealed the cover to his 3rd book 3,2,1 with Harper Collins. The book will showcase a variety of delicious dishes based on Rupy's principal of 3 fruit & veg, 2 servings, made within 1 pan per meal.

October 2020

Dr Rupy was on Steph's Packed Lunch today making delicious Chipotle Chicken tray bake with seasonal squash, fennel and a delicious garlic tomato sauce.. they loved it!

September 2020

Rupy appeared on the launch episode of Steph's Packed Lunch, channel 4's new lunch time magazine show. Rupy was seen in the kitchen rustling up a healthy Butternut Squash and Mango pickle Curry.

September 2020

Rupy is collaborating alongside Tenderstem to create three delicious, healthy and versatile recipes for the brand.

August 2020

Pikt Fresh Fruit & Veg Box collaboration: https://thedoctorskitchen.com/pikt.

Order fresh, organic produce straight to your door with Dr. Rupy's limited edition The Doctor's Kitchen box, exclusively from Pikt!

June 2020

Pollen & Grace Meal Box Collaboration: https://www.pollenandgrace.com/the-doctors-kitchen.

Get your hands on two delicious The Doctor's Kitchen meal boxes in collaboration with Pollen + Grace in selected stores and online. Each meal is designed to make healthy eating easy, accessible, and delicious - this is a step toward making healthy food accessible to everyone!

May 2020

2020 has been a busy year for Dr Rupy, to put it mildly. In addition to stepping up his professional work in emergency care to help combat Covid-19, he continues to provide tools, advice and live cook-a-longs for people in isolation via his social channels (below!).

We thank Rupy and all of the NHS for their exemplary and heroic work!

January 2020

Dr Rupy's new series ‘Thrifty Cooking in the Doctors Kitchen’ is now streaming on BBC iplayer!

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